Existing Customers/Renewals

How do I renew?

Take out or renew your CTP Green Slip insurance now with GIO’s eGreen Slip service, which enables you to complete your RMS registration process online, or over the phone.

How does the renewal work?

  1. For vehicles other than those requiring a new registration, GIO sends an electronic confirmation of your payment and CTP details to the RMS.
  2. If you are eligible, you can then register your vehicle electronically+, without having to take your CTP Green Slip and registration papers to an RMS Motor Registry.

You should check with the RMS to confirm your eligibility to register your vehicle electronically.

If you pay by telephone, mobile, online or at a GIO office, please allow up to 1 hour for your eGreen Slip insurance to be received by the RMS.

If paying at a Post Office allow up to 2 business days; if paying by BPAY, up to 3 business days; and if paying by mail, up to 5 business days.


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Important Information

^ Cover provides specific serious injury benefits to eligible drivers. Available on Class 1, 3c or 5 vehicles only. Drivers under 25 are not eligible unless the vehicle is comprehensively insured with GIO. For full details and before making any decision regarding these products read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or Policy terms and conditions at www.gio.com.au.
+ Registration payments completed on your behalf using the RMS myRego site. You will need your e-Safety check, registration papers and to accept the RMS myRego site terms and conditions.
*Applies until 30/06/2016 for drivers aged 30-69, licensed for at least 2 yrs, comprehensively insured continuously for the last 3 yrs, with no at fault accidents in the last 2 yrs, on comprehensively insured cars less than 9 yrs old, registered for private use with NIL ITC.