CTP Green Slip NSW

Compulsory Third Party Insurance

CTP Green Slip


  • A GIO CTP Green Slip comes with additional cover for at-fault drivers at NO EXTRA COST
  • A CTP Green Slip is not required for trailers. Trailers are covered under the CTP Green Slip of the towing vehicle.
  • You MUST have a CTP Green Slip to register a motor vehicle in NSW

CTP Green Slip NSW

Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance (also known as CTP Insurance or CTP Green Slip) is insurance that you have to buy in order to register a vehicle in NSW.

CTP insurance provides cover for someone injured when your vehicle is involved in a motor accident and you, or the driver of your vehicle, are at fault. Without a CTP Green Slip, you could end up owing millions of dollars - so get a free quote now.

Our CTP Insurance gives you extras as standard, including:

  • 4 minute online quoting
  • GIO Driver Cover Plus^
  • Green Slip payment notification to RMS in minutes


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New changes to the way you purchase a Green Slip in NSW have arrived. Find out more

Two things you NEED TO KNOW:

  1. The cheapest CTP Green Slip may not come packaged with at fault driver cover at no extra charge, and therefore may not protect you or another driver of your vehicle for as much.
    Many people think that when they purchase CTP Green Slips, they are buying the same level of protection no matter which insurer they choose – but that’s wrong! Many NSW drivers don’t realise their CTP Green Slip won’t cover the vast majority of injuries they may sustain if they are the driver at fault.
  2. How to get additional cover at no extra cost
    Driver Cover Plus^comes packaged with CTP Green Slip from GIO offering one of the highest levels of additional protection for at fault drivers at no extra charge – all at one of the lowest CTP Green Slip prices out there for good drivers*.


CTP Green Slip NSW Benefits and Information

Contact Us For more information about GIO CTP Green Slips contact us on
13 10 10
(8am - 6pm Monday - Friday and 8am - 1pm Saturday).
No-fault ANF and Driver Cover Plus For eligible drivers, GIO’s Driver Cover Plus is available in addition to the No-fault ANF scheme.
For full details about our CTP Green Slip Insurance, please refer to our NSW CTP Insurance Driver Cover Plus Document (PDF, 253KB)
CTP Green Slip and GST
  • GST registered business entities can claim an input tax credit (ITC) on the GST component of their CTP insurance premium.
  • If you are uncertain of your GST status or entitlement to claim ITCs, please discuss with your accountant, financial adviser or tax agent.
  • When you purchase a CTP Green Slip Policy, you will be asked "Is anyone entitled to claim an Input Tax Credit on this Green Slip". If you are registered for GST and you are entitled to claim an ITC  you must answer 'Yes' to this question whether or not you will actually claim the ITC.
CTP Insurance in Queensland
Queensland residents can apply for CTP Insurance QLD (AAI Limited parent company). GIO offers CTP insurance in NSW only.
Further information about NSW CTP Green Slips
NSW CTP Green Slip Information (PDF)



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Important Information

Insurance issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as GIO.

Registration payments completed on your behalf using the RMS service.nsw.gov.au. You will need your e-Safety check, registration papers and to accept the RMS service.nsw.gov.au terms and conditions.

^ Cover provides specific serious injury benefits to eligible drivers. Available on Class 1, 3c or 5 vehicles only. Drivers under 25 are not eligible unless the vehicle is comprehensively insured with GIO. For full details and before making any decision regarding these products read the relevant Policy terms and conditions at www.gio.com.au.