About Youngcare


Youngcare was established in 2005 following the inspirational story of one woman’s battle to find relevant and dignified care. Currently more than 7,500 young Australians (under the age of 65) with full-time care needs are living in aged care simply because there are few alternatives (National Disability Agreement 2010). There are also 700,000 more young Australians being cared for at home by family and friends, often with limited support (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare 2007).

All young people deserve to live young lives. Youngcare is committed to providing choice in care and housing for young Australians with 24/7 care needs, so that they have choice in where they live and how the receive care. Youngcare’s work includes:

  • The Youngcare Connect hotline provides support and information to those who need it most (1300 844 727)
  • Lobbying Government to drive policy change and systems reform
  • Providing At Home Care Grants so young people wishing to be cared for at home can receive the equipment, home modifications or respite they need
  • Building Youngcare housing to provide age appropriate care and accommodation
  • Undertaking Research to more comprehensively understand the issues faced in care options
  • Raising awareness of the issue and securing support to fund their work

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How GIO is supporting Youngcare

GIO is supporting Youngcare’s expansion into New South Wales by supporting key initiatives:

  • The GIO Youngcare Budgie Bolt
  • Youngcare At Home Care Grants New South Wales (made possible by GIO)
  • Lead donation of $100,000 to the Sydney housing project

GIO is the proud supporter of the GIO Youngcare Budgie Bolt

The GIO Youngcare Budgie Bolt is a daring race to increase community awareness about the lack of choice in care and housing options available  for young Aussies with high care needs. The 5km race in Budgy Smugglers will take place in Sydney's Tumbalong Park on Friday 22 March. It’s a fun and cheeky way to celebrate what it means to be young.

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Youngcare At Home Care Grants New South Wales (made possible by GIO)

GIO is providing $250,000 of funding over two years, to help make Youngcare’s At Home Care Grants program possible in New South Wales. The program provides grants of up to $10,000 to young people with high care needs. The Grants help young people to stay at home in the care of their loved ones for as long as possible, rather than face the alternative of being placed in an aged care facility. The Grants can be used for a range of items, from modifications to the family home to specialist equipment, or even emergency respite care.

For more information on the Youngcare At Home Care Grants New South Wales, including timings, click here

Why GIO is supporting Youngcare

As part of a group that forms Australia’s largest personal injury insurer, GIO has a long history of helping people recover after a serious car accident or work related injury. 

At times though, some of these people experience very serious and profound injuries which change their lives forever.  And because of the ongoing care requirements these people need, many of them face a potential future in aged care because it is the only care option that meets these needs.

Like Youngcare, GIO believes that all Australians deserve to live young, dignified, and fulfilling lives.  We believe that all Australians should have choice, be able to interact with other young people, and where care options can be tailored to their needs.  This is why we support Youngcare, who are all about these things.

How you can get involved

You can get involved in a number of ways:

For further information, contact Youngcare on 1300 968 642 or visit