Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW

About Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW

Fire and Rescue NSW, formerly known as NSW Fire Brigades, are responsible for the provision of fire, rescue, and hazardous materials services in cities and towns across NSW.  They are a key agency involved in emergency response across NSW, and are one of the largest urban fire and rescue organisations in the world.

How GIO supports Fire and Rescue NSW

GIO works with the community engagement and development unit of Fire and Rescue NSW to help deliver the following:

  • Fire Prevention Week and Fire Open Day – held in early May each year, these events help remind people to prepare themselves and their homes for fire over winter, and also provide an opportunity for the public to engage with firefighters and learn more about Home Fire Safety

  • Winter Fire Safety Campaign – A Fire Safety campaign which is run in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week and open day, and which focuses on helping the people of NSW ensure their home is fire safe.

  • Home Fire Safety Audit – An interactive online questionnaire that was designed to help people identify the fire risks in their home, and provide them with an actionable checklist of the things they can do to improve fire safety in the home.

  • Fire Safety resources – GIO and Fire & Rescue NSW has prepared a suite of tools and information pamphlets to assist with fire prevention, preparation and recovery.

Why GIO supports Fire and Rescue NSW

As one of the largest and most experienced providers of home insurance in NSW, at GIO we understand how significant an impact fire can have on a household.  Our claims data suggests that the average house fire does nearly $50,000 worth of damage.  Helping prevent a fire saves our customers from the financial and emotional consequences of a fire, and also helps lower the cost of claims, helping keep insurance costs down.