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Important Information

Duty of Disclosure

If you purchase insurance from GIO, the information you provide during Online Quote and Purchase (including the answers to any questions we have asked you) will form part of your application for insurance. Before commencing the Online Quote therefore it is very important that we have explained your Duty of Disclosure obligations.

What you must tell us? When answering our questions, you must be honest and you have a duty under law to tell us anything known to you, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances, would include in answer to the question. We will use the answers in deciding whether to insure you and anyone else to be insured under the policy, and on what terms.

Who does the duty apply to? It is important that you understand you are answering our questions in this way for yourself and anyone else that you want to be covered by the policy.

What happens if you fail in your duty? If you do not answer our questions in this way, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim, or cancel the policy. If you answer our questions fraudulently, we may refuse to pay a claim and treat the policy as never having existed.

By proceeding you agree that you have read and understand your Duty of Disclosure.

The quote is available for 30 days from the date it is generated. It is not a contract of insurance and does not provide cover.

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